Caregiver Spotlight


Meet Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn had a promising career in the television industry before her mother was diagnosed with dementia and she had to become a full-time caregiver.

However, it was during this difficult and uncertain time when she had the opportunity to rediscover her passion for writing. She is now a writer for television and her current position allows her to pursue her passion while being a full-time caregiver.


Meet Kyrin

Kyrin Bhula is an everyday caregiver from New Zealand. 
She shares her experiences with feeling isolated in the New Zealand caregiving community. She points out that as a young person of colour, she often found it difficult to relate to the experiences of older, white caregivers who she often met in local support groups. 


Meet David

Meet David Leroy Sellers is a caregiver based in Liverpool. He currently shares caregiving for his mother with his sisters. Recently, due to COVID-19 he has undertaken caregiving for his mother alone after moving in with her. In his interview he shares the story of his mother’s diagnosis and his own coping mechanism like taking things one at a time.

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Meet Courtney

Courtney works as a physician liaison and has been a caregiver for her father for 10 years since he was diagnosed with vascular dementia.

In her interview, she reveals how difficult it was to see her father’s condition progressively worsen and having little support. She also shares some words of encouragement for new caregivers.

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Meet Eno

Meet Eno Mfon, a caregiver for her father David Mfon. She shares the the story of how her father was diagnosed and the changes and the impacts his diagnoses has had on him and his family. She also expresses the challenges of caring for her father as his situation worsened. She shares how her family's determination to provide a positive space for him at home as been instrumental in his mental health.  


Thank You!

To all of the caregiving heroes that participated in our interview series, we thank you for your strength. To view our Everday Caregiver Heroes series please click the button below. 

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