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Memoryz is aiming to make a difference in the lives of caregivers and care receivers regardless of whether they are aging in place or in the care of a facility. We built our platform to assist the diverse needs of the population we hope to serve. Whether you have caregivers in your workplace, residents in your facility or provide aid to this vulnerable population, Memoryz can support you.

As we expand, we seek to increase the inherent ingenuity and scalability of our offering. Grounded in science, we are focused on the research and outcomes of our undertaking.

Rishawn Dindial

CEO & Founder


Long Term Care

As we increase our voice capabilities, enabling smart speaker access in your residents’ rooms allows Memoryz to provide endless companionship and support to those in your home. Keeping family caregivers updated and a part of the process, wherever they reside. 


Assisted Living Communities

Using technology to aid the transition to facility based living is a wonderful way to keep caregivers involved in care and provide support to your residents. Our chat based system and turn key setup present an easy lift way to maximize the experiences your home provides. 



The mental burden that caregiving forces on an individual does not relinquish once they arrive at the office. Combatting absenteeism and supporting employees is how the new wave of employers are taking a stand for staff wellness.


Insurance Providers

Helping your companies retain top talent and flourish in this landscape is essential. By introducing caregiver support to your clients, you are ensuring the longevity and healthiness of their future operations.


Home Health Care Aids/ Services

You are doing the noble work. Let us help you. As you provide in home care for individuals living with memory impairment, use our application to keep their loved ones up to date at all times and ensure your team stays competitive. 



We are always excited by exploring new partnerships and ways to leverage our platform to improve the quality of life of caregivers and care receivers.

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