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In the News: Investments, Partnerships, and New Features

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

The uncertainty of this pandemic has brought new opportunities for innovation and partnership as we continue to adjust to our new norm. In the past couple of weeks, a lot has changed within the tech space, last week alone we have seen major layoffs from Uber and Airbnb. With this change we are noticing more companies investing in new features within their technology, making more investments towards innovation and partnerships with major incubators.

Apple AirPod Pro- Possible New Feature:

The final version of the Apple AirPod Pro is surrounded by rumors that the new wireless bud will include a light sensor as part of the company’s focus on including health base features. With this added feature the wireless bud will be able to monitor heart rate and blood pressure. Currently, it is too early to verify the data that the AirPods are reporting. It’s being reported that the update to the AirPod Pro will be released in early 2022. With the anticipation release of the updated version in the next two years, this will give Apple plenty of time to improve this new feature.

More investment from Amazon into Autonomous Transportation:

The e-commerce giant Amazon has been looking to expand its capabilities in autonomous transportation. According to the Wall Street Journal, it has indicated that Amazon is in potential talk to acquire Zoox who is building a fully autonomous fleet of robotaxis. Amazon, for a number of years, has had an interest in figuring out more cheap and effective transportation for its products to consumers. This new deal will add to the investment in automobile technology. The company recently made a joint investment of $530 million in funding campaigns by Aurora and another California-based startup early last year.

Innisfil as partnered with DMZ:

Ryerson University’s DMZ has partnered with Innisfil. This partnership will provide a fully virtual, startup, incubator-accelerator program to mentor and support startup companies. Innisfil is experiencing changes in technology, payments and more. With those changes, there is an anticipation that there will be an increase as DMV data-driven virtual programs. It will create a new wave of scalable businesses that can update processes within the municipal government here in Toronto.

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